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Pure Sine Wave Inverter with low/no EMI

Oct 2nd 2018, 12:38


Joined: Mar 3rd 2012, 03:12
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Hello Everybody,

I am thinking about purchasing a pure sine wave inverter.

Does any body know of who manufactures a quality unit that is quiet EMI/RFI wise?

I am thinking of 1000W - 3000W range.

Thank You and 73's

Oct 11th, 14:36


Joined: Oct 8th 2018, 16:38
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I am curious if you got any answers to your question abouit a low RFI inverter? I have had RFI problems with a Samlux 3000 watt inverter which i purchased because it was supposedly low RFI. But is generates a lot of spurious radiation at least on 160 and 80 meters. Not so bad on 40 meters and above.

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