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Long Wire Antenna Into a Palm Tree

Nov 1st 2018, 16:42


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I recently moved into a Mobile Home That Restricts Anything Being more than 24” Above the Roof Of our Home.

However, I just got permission to run a Wire Up Through the Branch’s Of a Palm Tree about 200’ North Of our Home.

The Tree is about 150->200’ Tall, And my Thought is that I want to take a Wire Up and Over the Branch’s Of the Palm Tree, probably using a Drone, And Bringing the Other end of the Wire Down To a Tree in our Backyard that’s about 50’ Tall.

End-Feeding the Wire “Should”, With the Help Of my rather Robust Antenna Tuner, give me 160->10m’s.
Before I begin my “Project”, an “Experiment”, I’d Really Appreciate Any “Thoughts/Feedback” From Those Who May have attempted to, or have actually Succeeded in Doing Anything similar to what I want to do.

I’ll look Forward To Hearing Your Comments/Suggestions,or criticisms,
As this is just an idea that I think Might Work!

Please contact me at:

Thanks in advance for your Help!

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