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Un identified signal

Mar 3rd 2019, 05:33

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On freq .514 I am receiving a 20 DB over 9 signal That generally sounds like a buzz in the a.m. mode. It doesn't have any real pattern but it is usually on for 10 seconds off for 3 back on for 10 seconds. But sometimes is off or on for over 30 seconds. The signal is always there any time of day or night. It doesn't generally bother me anywhere away from this frequency, I am just curious as to its origin. I live near a am transmitter on1.480 and about 1/8 mile from high tension power lines. I am receiving this on a 30-foot vertical homemade antenna, I can also hear it on my 40 meter horizontal dipole but with a weaker signal
Mar 4th 2019, 14:22


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It may help to listen on a battery powered radio and shut of the main AC breaker to the house. Often the source is inside. Switching individual breakers can localize the source if it is inside.

Zak W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer

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