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Looking for advice

Apr 4th 2019, 21:11


Joined: Apr 3rd 2019, 18:27
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I'm new to the HAM world, and have just passed my Tech. test. A friend who is an Emergency Management Coordinator with FEMA and peaked my interest in being able to "give-back" to my community by helping in emergency's, that is the reason for getting my HAM license. I'm considering the Yaesu FT-60R for my first radio. Restrictions prevent me from having a home base unit, so I need to focus on a mobile unit. I can not mount a mobile unit in my employer's vehicle, but can install a mobile antenna on it. Is the Yaesu FT-60R good for my first radio, and if so, what is the best mobile antenna to use with it? I'm happy to listen to experience.
Aug 5th 2019, 16:06


Joined: Aug 23rd 2015, 15:38
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Hi Mike,
A lot of "new" Hams start out with a hand held radio as their "first radio". Most are disappointed with how far they can talk. There are still a lot of repeaters that don't really support low power hand held coverage. Had you thought about putting an antenna in the attic?? A lot of Hams who live in antenna restricted communities have found this to be an acceptable way to get on 2M with a home station. I hope this helps you make the big decision.
Rory, K5CKS

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