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Strategies for 5BWAS

May 28th, 15:53


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Greetings Everybody,

Having recently completed my WAS in October, 2018, I would like to try for the 5BWAS.

Since I reside in an apartment, I camped at a local state park and participated in the QSO Party for the state I needed. In my case, it was SD that I needed, so I camped that week-end at the state park an participated in the QSO Party. I used my base rig with an MFJ-1979 collapsible whip antenna and a Wolf River Coils SB-1000 adjustable loading coil below the antenna. This combination was magnetic mounted to the roof of my mini van.

I was wondering what types of strategies other amateur radio operators use for the 5BWAS in addition to participating in the various QSO Parties.

Please share your thoughts and ideas.

Much appreciated.


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