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License Privilege Question

Jul 8th 2019, 16:29


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My first post so I hope it's not in the wrong form, with that out of the way, I hold an extra class license, N8PU. My son holds a technician license. I use to know the answer but it's been a long time since this came up and I don't remember where to look to find my answer. If I want to let my son use my radio outside of his privileges, do I have to initiate the call or can he use his call along with my call? And before you jump to conclusions I WILL be in the room. If you could also point me to the rules covering this that would be nice too.
Jul 10th 2019, 09:05


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ยง 97.119 Station identification.(e) When the operator license class held by the control operator exceeds that of the station licensee, an indicator consisting of the call sign assigned to the control operator's station must be included after the call sign.

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