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What to do with an old CB Rig?

Jul 27th 2019, 17:05


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I just came home with a CB rig. I've noticed that they are for sale all over the place, and the asking price is usually $50. I was almost out of money, so I got mine for $14. Now my plan is to move it down to 10 meters, and get some crystals for the sideband area and some for the AM area. If this was standardized, I'd know what crystals to buy. Yes, I know that crystals are hard to come by. But If a fair number of people wanted crystals cut to standardized frequencies, we just might bring back crystal production for a little while, or maybe I can make one of those Signetics oscillators work in this thing. At any rate, CB rigs are cheap, and this appears to be some kind of opportunity for those of you who own a Grid Dip Oscillator! Bob, WB5EMX

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