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What equipment is required for Echolink

Jan 27th 2020, 19:17


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My name is Wayne (KD1NN) I heard about echolink mode , by using 2 meter repeaters to make contacts world wide. Please correct me if im wrong .
I am interested in trying out this new mode , however I'm just getting back into the hobby and do not have any other hams that know how this is done. Could someone get me started in the right direction .
Thanks Wayne
Jan 28th 2020, 07:50


Super Moderator

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You may be able to access an Echolink connected repeater with a basic handheld radio.

Alternately, verified users may be able to get into the Echolink system via Internet using a computer.

Zak W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer
Jan 28th 2020, 08:41


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I just use my cell phone. Download the Echolink App and have fun. I use it to check into an out of state net that one of my friends runs. Go to the Echolink web page for instructions on how to sign up etc.
Jan 28th 2020, 16:41


Joined: Nov 7th 2019, 02:19
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Thanks for your insight I will try that out .

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