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Running radio with ALS (Lou Gehrig disease

Jan 30th 2020, 13:42


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Good afternoon. Not sure if this in this question is in the right place. Quick background i have been diagnosed with ALS and an slowly loosing the use of my hands and arms, What i would like to know is if any one out there has seen how folks have dealt with this scenario. We have a couple of folks here in my support group who loose all body functions arms and legs. A couple of folks are using soft ware that allows their eyes to type. It appears to be slow and cumbersome. My voice will go at some point too so SSB might be impossible also.

I know that there is voice capturing software the one can save words and phrases to be used in the future but can they be adapted to radio operations?

Is my radio, a very basic FT 897 D, something that can be adapted to new technology if there is any? Any suggestion on where to start looking for software of other ways to work around my situation.

Finally will I have to replace equipment in order to make things work. ALS has been referred by as the million dollar disease so i have to be careful on how much i spend. I hate to give up my hobby that keeps me busy and my mind off of my future.

Forum monitor if this is in the wrong place can you move to the right place.

73 WT7E

Bob K
Jan 30th 2020, 17:54


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Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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N1MM has voice recording features

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