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Kenwood tw-4000A where to begin

Apr 5th 2020, 17:34


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Someone was going to throw away an old TW-4000A that was not working so I took it off his hand to see if I could make it work and learn something about ham radio and electronics in the process. I am using an power adapter with an output of +12V 3amps. My first challenge is the tuning dial does not function. The operator manual indicates that there is a D.Lock switch on the left side of the face plate. The switch in that position is noted as v.rcl. cannot find any reference in the doc that explains what it is. The frequencies that I can get are limited to what was stored in memory. Currently I am using the UHF side of the duel band radio. I am able pick up some transmissions but its drops before the transmission is completed. I configured my handheld to the same frequency, and it was able to send and receive. but I am not sure that I am sending anything out. Additional when I press the PTT the display goes out briefly and comes back on. I found instructions to reset the microprocessor by Shorting the 2P terminal, but it did not have any affect. There is a beeping tone that goes off about every 10 seconds. That’s it. Any thoughts?
Apr 6th 2020, 07:36


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That radio draws 6 or 7 amps on transmit so you may be over loading that power adapter. You will need a heftier power supply that can supply the full transmit draw for testing. I'd suggest at least 7 amps.

Zak W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer

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