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Jackson ARC KS0JA Could Use Some Help

Apr 11th 2020, 08:39


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If this is not in the correct place, please forgive me as I wasn't able to locate another forum topic that seemed to fit. So if this is not allowed here, please let me know.

Our local (ARRL Affiliate) Ham Club, Jackson ARC KS0JA in the Holton, Kansas area is working on trying to raise money for a new repeater to enhance radio communications in the chance there is a local disaster, local emergency, along with other Hams, local, statewide and maybe even Internationally via a digital network. 

The Club currently has an old analog repeater made up of old Motorola mobiles and homemade controller that has been on the air since 1993 and they would like to update the system to enhance the reliability and overall communication capabilities that a newer modern repeater would bring. The current repeater is showing its age and it is having issues. 

The Club is relatively small but growing fast and the old aging repeater can't seem to keep up with the increasing traffic. They have worked hard in trying to keep the old repeater going, but they are afraid it will go down for good when it will be needed the most. We do not want this to happen for the sake of our community.

 The Jackson ARC is even working with their local Science Center & Observatory to share with the public the educational (Science, Math, etc.) aspects, as well as other aspects that Amateur Radio brings to the table. They have young Hams who are willing to learn and preserve the services to the community and hobby of radio communications. A new repeater system would certainly help them with communications in times of emergencies, training, communications in general along with a whole host of other events. The local Hams, as well as Hams from other states, could communicate quickly and efficiently with this new system when in place.  If we can get help with the funds, the goal is to have the system in place by Summer (2021).

The Covid19 epidemic has really put a strain on our fundraising capabilities and forced us to humble ourselves and decided to reach out for help. 

We humbly ask that you consider a donation to our cause so that we may pursue this project which will help educate our youth and provide them with a means of positive learning, bring something new and exciting modes to our seasoned Hams as well as providing more reliable communications. 

Even if it's only $1.00 we are very grateful! 

The Jackson ARC would like to thank you in advance for your generous support.

If you would like to help, please visit our website ( or visit our "GoFundMe" campaign (  ). 

Thank you & 73

Richard Smith, WØQGS
Club President, Jackson ARC
Holton, Kansas 66436
Club Website:

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