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Phantom QSL's arriving

May 5th 2020, 21:45


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I have been a ham since 1980 and this is a first for me. I have a TS590SG with almost zero hours on it - In fact, It has been on my desk but signals are rare here with my in the shack wire running around the room at the ceiling joint. I am not set up for Digital yet and the radio is not connected to the PC. Here is my perplexion -

I have received approx 5 (1 just yesterday) QSL cards from people claiming QSO's with me on digital modes. How can this be when the radio is hardly even turned on and I have yet to do my first real qso in THIS rig...

Perplexed in Gig Harbor WA. - Could someone be using my call??

Thanks and 73 de NU1K - Dan
May 6th 2020, 05:22


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Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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They were meant for N1UK. He is very active. He has 33k QSOs in logbook. I've worked him twice on FT8.

There are tons of spots on for N1UK but I don't see any for NU1K.

Zak W1VT

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