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PL Tone Settings Icom ID 5100 A

May 25th 2020, 13:53


Joined: May 24th 2020, 21:12
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New to the Ham community. I have a question about setting the PL Tones on an Icom ID 5100 A. I get that the settings have to be entered however, on some repeaters there isn't and PL Tones listed. How to I set that in the radio. Doesn't appear to have an option to leave blank.
May 25th 2020, 16:49


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If you set the tone and the repeater doesn't have one it shouldn't matter. I once attended a basketball game in the middle of a snow storm and they let everyone in. 22 inches of snow!
If you don't press the tone button I assume a tone won't be set.
Some repeaters have tone but you need to be a member for someone to tell you what tone you need to access the repeater.

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