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looking to purchase a new radio

Dec 30th 2020, 15:24


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Hello all,
I am a new member and very new to the HAM community. I am looking to purchase my first radio. I know it may be premature as I know almost nothing and do not have my license as of yet. With that said, I have started the process and have purchased my practice book. I need to purchase a radio now as I llearn better by physical observation versus only depending on a book.

Here are some stats:
1-I live in NYC (top floor - 21st - so no one is above me)
2-I want a base station for the apartment
3-I want to spend around $1,000
4-If you can recommend the right power supply and an indoor antenna

Hope the above helps and would truly appreciate any further questions and ultimately suggestions.

Many Thanks,
Dec 31st 2020, 10:11


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It is very hard to make an indoor antenna in a typical high rise building. The construction acts as effective shield. The windows may also act as shields, having an extremely thin layer of metal that prevents radio waves from passing through.

You may want to borrow a radio or purchase an inexpensive shortwave receiver to determine whether you can hear anything before proceeding. Hearing is much easier than transmitting.

You may need to consider other options, such as using a remotely located station. In the past some hams would do most of their operating portable. Some hams would combine it with expensive vacations and operate from other countries.

Zak W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer
Jan 5th 2021, 13:41


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Some hams in your situation have had success with horizontal or vertical loop antennas, running the wire around the perimeter of a ceiling or wall. Here is just one example:

A magnetic loop antenna might be an option too, though that would probably limit you to using lower transmit power.

Mark AI4BJ

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