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2 meter homebrew j antenna

Nov 22nd 2011, 01:05


Joined: Sep 9th 2011, 01:56
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I have an IC-Z1A dual band hand held.I also have a homebrew 2 meters "J" antenna. My question is whether I can use the 70 cm band with this antenna?
Don Blough KD8RBW
Nov 25th 2011, 06:54


Joined: Mar 6th 2008, 13:50
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Depends on the J pole design.
Best way is to use an SWR meter for 2 m 440 and test the match using your radio's highest power setting so there is enough power to make the meter read the reflected power on 440.
If 2 to1 or less you should be ok.
There is an antenna called ARROW that will work on both bands. It's cost is usually less than $50 and requires no radials.
Good luck.
Mar 9th 2016, 18:05


Joined: Jan 6th 2016, 14:01
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I'm a new technician & made an open stub dual band (2m/70cm) open stub J-pole copied from the Arrow Antenna design to use with my HT. Parts and tools needed, 3/8" aluminum tube, 1/4" L or U channel aluminum extrusions, connectors, nuts, dies, taps, drill, and hack saw. Cost of parts about than $30. Modified design so that it mounts on a tripod with longest element breaking down into 3 pieces so that everything rolls up and fits in a bag about 22" long for easy transport. Surprisingly this DIY antenna turned out well with SWR on 2m about 1.1 and 70cm about 1.6 without any adjustment needed. It certainly works better than the HT's stock rubber duck. I would rate the required skill level basic and no soldering is involved - my soldering skills leave much to be desired. Buy extra tubing in case you make mistakes. Hardest part was tapping & threading the long element freehand so that it was straight. If you're going to do that some sort of guide to align the die or tap with the tubing would be helpful. If you're not handy, or don't want to waste the time the Arrow OSJ 146/440 might a good choice. Detail plans and even videos are available on the internet.

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