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Powering Ham Shack in Motorhome

Oct 4th 2021, 12:15


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Greetings - new Tech/General licensee with 34' diesel pusher motorhome. Plan to use Yaesu 991a with Buddipole antenna when on the road in the motorhome. This radio can serve double duty in the motorhome and at home.

Motorhome has 1200w of solar panels on the roof running through a Victron solar charge controller and feeding a Victron 3000w inverter that powers the house side of the motorhome as well as charging the house batteries when connected to shore power. House battery bank consists of 6x100aH Battleborn Lithium (Li-Po) batteries.

I use a linear 30a power supply for the 991a when at home and my question deals with the pros and cons of using this power supply running off the Victron inverter both when connected to shore power and when dry camping without shore power (powered by house batter bank) versus a direct connection from the batteries to the 12v connection on the 991a.

I use al Victron battery monitoring system to keep track of the house battery bank but its unlikely the radio would have a significant drawdown on this large a lithium battery bank since even when disconnected from shore power the motorhome can run for several days even without significant solar charging.

What RF issues are likely, what solutions might be considered and is it likely to be better to run 12v power directly to the radio versus powering it with an AC power supply running off the inverter.

Thanks in advance.

Randy N4TDT
Oct 4th 2021, 12:24


Joined: Oct 29th 2020, 19:40
Total Topics: 0
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I can post the specific Victron components if this is helpful to those answering. Thanks.

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