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ARRL EFHW Kit build issues

Jun 14th 2022, 14:12


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I'm new to Ham Radio.

I purchased the ARRL EFHW antenna kit and assembled it but am having issues.

It's mounted to the corner of my house at about seventeen and a half feet in height and runs out in the yard to a twenty foot flag pole.

This is my first build and I followed the directions as well as I could but am not saying I did it right.

Receive is good. I have heard the west coast as well as Germany.

I have not been able to contact anyone as of yet. My radio is a IC 7300. When I run an SWR check it comes back high on any frequency I try. It's reading at least 3 everywhere I check.

Please make your answers as simple as you can. I'm not an engineer but do have some knowledge in radio.

The only test equipment I have is a multimeter. I confirmed continuity to all points I could but can't check resistance.

Here are my questions:

1. At the house, it is hanging from the siding using an eye bolt. Could this be a connection that is allowing the siding to become a part of the antenna?

2. Is there something I can use the multimeter for to check resistance or continuity to see if I can identify the problem?

3. Any other suggestions to help find the issue?

Thanks in advance.

Jun 15th 2022, 20:47


Joined: Sep 2nd 2003, 12:14
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Have you tried using a counterpoise wire? I see there is a connection point for one on the balun enclosure. (Sometimes a counterpoise can provide a needed return path for the antenna current.) Just let it dangle down, or you can run it along the ground away from the main antenna. Try different lengths. If you have just one long piece of wire, folding back the end to make a shorter wire while testing is acceptable.

Mark AI4BJ

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