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FCC and Pecuniary Interest

Jan 13th 2023, 16:00


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I just got my Feb 2023 copy of QST and saw within one of the articles a reference to a web page that allows licensed operators, who pay, can get access to remotely operate well equipped amateur stations via internet. Any thinking if this is really legal from the "Pecuniary Interest" aspect of the FCC rules? If this not really on the up and up from FCC perspective then would the paying licensed operator have a problem or the station owner, or both? Just curious...
Jan 16th 2023, 07:43


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Part 97.113 Prohibited Transmissions
Communications in which the station licensee or control operator has a pecuniary interest, including communications on behalf of an employer, with the following exceptions:

I believe the intent of the rule is to prohibit being paid for operating, not paying to operate.

The legality of Remote Ham Radio was addressed in a May 2013 QST Product Review. "As far as the FCC is concerned, these are simply ham stations with extremely long microphone cords, so to speak."

In January 2015 the DXCC rules were changed to explicitly recognize remote operating.
It had become a very contentious issue and members were demanding that something be done. The rules were a compromise and some hams weren't happy with the new rules.

It is my observation that that if you can operate during the week days, there is plenty of room to operate both CW and phone. Granted, there are contest weekends in which the bands fill up, but this was the case before remote stations.

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