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Curious how good of an antenna I had?

Aug 18th 2023, 16:53


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Tried to find out what I had made and nobody has ever said anything.

I had a 100’ 3-wire electrical extension cord that went bad. I stripped out the wire and used it for antenna wire. I purchased a BALUN which had two posts on it. I attached one 100’ section to one post, another to the other post. I laid the wire on the roof of my house in roughly a “U” shape. It worked quite well on HF, at least for my purposes. Again, the wire was just laying on the tile roof and no insulators were used other than the standard insulation on the wire. So I figured I had a dipole antenna of 200’?

Just curious if anybody has any thoughts on this and what I could have done to make it better?

XYL hates antennas, and we’ve moved, so I’m stuck for now, but hope to figure out something that is similar that I can try in the future.

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