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FT817ND and Ham Radio Deluxe Software

Jan 15th 2012, 02:41


Joined: Jan 10th 2010, 14:30
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I'm just getting started with Ham Radio and am trying to control my FT817ND with Ham Radio Deluxe Software. Can anyone tell me the settings on both the radio (I tried in clone mode) and the software. I am using the USB cable I got with the radio (Yaesu connector that goes into the ACC socket). I'd be greatful for any help.
Jan 15th 2012, 04:41


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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Someone with more experience with the 817 can give you more help but in general some problem areas are the USB to RS232 adapters. There are several different chipsets in these devices and some seem to work better than others. Another area to check is to be sure both the software and the radio are using the same baud rates, start/stop bits, and error checking. These would be set in the software and the radio. Also check the settings in the radio menus to be sure the radio is set up to be controlled from the software. And finally make sure the cable is configured correctly. The simplest cables consist of the TX data, RX data, and ground. Remember that the TX pin on the computer end of the cable needs to be connected to the RX pin on the radio.

Hope that helps a little.

Bill - WA0CBW
ARRL Technical Coordinator - Kansas Section

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