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20 Meter Folded Dipole Antenna

Feb 13th 2012, 14:04


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Is there a manufacturer of metal (no wire) 20 meter folded dipole antennas? This would possibly enable me to use it on my motor home & store it on the roof without dismantling. 73, Julius KF5BBB
Feb 19th 2012, 00:35


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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I suspect you will have to fabricate one yourself. Do you really need a folded dipole just for 20m? As I suspect an aluminium tube folded dipole with a length of 30 feet plus with spacers to keep the two legs at the same distance apart and its mounts will be quite heavy.

DX Engineering have some parts you may need to fabricate one. They also do a rotary 20/15/10 mtrs dipole. See


All the best

Mar 2nd 2012, 14:23


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Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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Another possibility may be to use a trap dipole--traps reduce the length, Mosley makes triband trap dipoles that are just 17 and 24 long. As a bonus, you get 10 and 15 meters! (TA31jr and Mini-31-A)

Zack Lau W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer

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