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Assisted Category Questions

Feb 15th 2012, 18:48


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The recent thread on contesting ethics prompted me to start a thread on two questions that I have regarding the unassited category:

I have been operating low power, single op, unassisted, all bands, ssb only mode in contests. I am totally comfortable that I have participated unassisted and followed the rules, etc.

Question number 1: I frequently encounter multiop stations that umprompted will say "We're also working 10m on XYZ". Working unassisted, I don't act on this information. Is my assumption correct that if I were to log the station on the freq they mentioned, it would invalidate my unassisted status, even if I run across them while using S&P in the 10m band sometime later in the contest?

Question number 2: While participating single op, unassisted, all bands, ssb only, can I run JT65 mode with a second transceiver, or does that put me in the single op, two radios category? I'm thinking JT65 activity, pskreporter, etc. could be helpful in determining good band openings during DX contests.

Nov 6th 2012, 18:28


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Question number 1: it is a very common practice for multi-transmitter stations to pass stations to other bands. This is completely legal, as you are not receiving information by non-amateur means (such as the internet) or assistance from a third-party (such as the packet cluster). So go ahead -- work 'em!

You will also hear stations during DX contests working split on 80 and (to a lesser extent now) 40 calling CQ and saying "listening [frequency]" or "listening [frequency] and this frequency". This is also okay, as they are "advertising" their RX frequency by a totally amateur means. Again, go work 'em!

Question number 2: So long as you only claim QSOs made on SSB during the contest for points, you can do whatever else you'd like in the shack, so long as you aren't soliciting contacts by non-amateur means or doing anything that violates the rules of your category. Keep in mind, however, that doing other "stuff", even things to help determine propagation, might be taking up time that could be better spent making Q's!

Hope to work you this season! Good luck in the 'tests.

73 de Mike N1TA

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