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ARRL paper records to LOTW

Feb 20th 2012, 02:47


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Was/is there any effort made to move paper records in the ARRL files to LOTW? I have a form from ARRL carrying the date of April 22, 1960 showing the callsigns that were accepted for my DXCC. It appears that 102 cards were accepted on that date and on July 10, 1961 another group of cards were accepted bringing the total to 109.

There is also a note that says, "#4997," and that may be the DXCC award number. There are an additional five call signs in the Deleted Countries category.

Do I still have the cards? You, of course, jest since all my information was at headquarters...and I have survived TWO floods in the past 60 years of hamming.

Back to the question: Were paper records transferred? Can it be done?
Mar 16th 2012, 18:32


Super Moderator

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Yes, we can/will/have entered old records into the DXCC system. The only problems with this is that the old paper records only record the call sign. We don't know the bands (in Mixed/CW/PH awards) and we don't know the modes or bands on the Mixed award records.

So, if you want band or mode (phone only because the CW award QSO start dates are in 1975 forward) credit from 1960 we need to see the cards again.

In your LoTW Awards account, go to DXCC, and request that your old DXCC record be "linked" to LoTW. If we can find the record, we will type it in. Make sure to give us the call you had when you achieved a DXCC, that will help. Questions to

Dave, NN1N
Feb 23rd 2015, 14:12


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I got a CW and mixed DXCC many years ago when the band was not recorded by ARRL. All cards submitted were 40m CW. According to the DXCC desk I can have these added to LoTW with band credit by having them verified by a card checker.

There are two things I would like to know:

1. My early submissions included a few ARRL contest QSOs written on 3x5 index cards. At that time ARRL would check the DX stations log and give credit for the contact. My card checker says that is no longer done. My question is will it be done for my old original DXCC QSOs so I can get band credit?

2. Must I apply for an award to get these contacts (QSL and/or DX log) added to LoTW? The on line application list seems not to work unless applying for an award.


John, WoGN
Apr 28th 2015, 23:26


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I received my current callsign in 1977 and kept a good paper log until about 2005 when I began computer logging and submitting to LoTW. I then used my spare time while waiting for a needed DX spot to enter all my previous QSO's over the previous 30 years from the paper logs into LoTW. At this time I have over 46,000 QSO's in LoTW resulting in nearly 19,000 confirmations.

It took about a year in my spare time to enter them all but it was worth the trouble. Besides the obvious benefit of getting confirmations that you may not have otherwise received there are many other good reasons for entering them all; such as:

1. Every now and then confirmations are received for very old QSO's when others have entered their old records also.

2. If something happens and your computer and backup electronic log crashes and the logs are lost, you can download your log from LoTW and import it into a new log. It's an excellent off site back up of your valuable log records. You won't get all the extra data you might enter in your electronic log, but you will get the most important info, call, date, time, band and mode, to restore a lost log.

3. Even though you may have received all the confirmations you may desire you will still he helping your fellow hams get the electronic confirmations that they want and need.

4. It will give you incentive to keep a complete and accurate log. I was very disappointed when the FCC eliminated most of the logging requirements. Keeping a complete and accurate log is not given the high priority it deserves. Far too many hams keep little or no log what so ever. I don't know what they would do if they received a QSL request from someone who needs their QSL for WAS, County Hunter awards, particular band and mode or whatever. If they just return a QSL copying the information on the card they received it cheapens the award programs for everyone. If you can't confirm that you made the contact you shouldn't return the QSL. Keep the awards and the operating achievements meaningful. Keep a complete and accurate log and use LoTW!

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