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antenna tuners with a TS-430

Mar 31st 2012, 00:20


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I would like to know which external antenna tuners can be connected to a Kenwood TS-430S? Also how is an external tuner controlled from inside the shack?

Don Blough KD8RBW
Apr 2nd 2012, 16:02


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SGC, MFJ, and LDG make external tuners that can be used with the TS-430S. But, you need to first reduce the output power, as you don't want to subject the finals to the rapidly changing load at full power. There are two ways of doing this--one is to manually reduce the output by turning the carrier control down. The other is to electronically reduce it via the ALC circuit.
QRP via ALC on TS-430S
But, you have to be careful with ALC circuits, as I've read that some TS-430s have ALC (automatic level control) issues.

A modern autotuner just needs a steady carrier to tell it to tune up--ideally, it would be just a couple watts until tuner is finished--then the radio would go to full power.

Folks have designed interfaces so that you just need to push a button and their circuit will do the rest, but I haven't seen one for the TS-430S.

Zack Lau W1VT
ARRL Senior Lab Engineer

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