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Schematic for auto-switching LC Network Tuner

May 4th 2012, 13:25


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I am considering a long wire antenna for an apartment installation, but I need the ability to match impedance at the antenna feedpoint, as it will be fed with coaxial cable. The setup would be: TS-430S > AT-250 Tuner > Coax > AutoSwitching Multiband LC Network > LongWire

I want to homebrew this design if possible. The key is to have a MC to count the frequency and select the appropriate LC network for use. The design would be for General Privs, so each LC network should bring the longwire into match for the center of the operating range (separate LC's for CW portions and SSB portions of bands when relevant, so some bands will have 2 or more networks). The goal is to get the match as close as possible at the feed point and let the AT-250 do the rest. I want the majority of the matching to occur at the antenna to maximize power transfer to the wire.

The device should be fully automatic and require little to no interaction, and will be built in a weatherproof housing and sealed. Preferred that it is DC powered. Does anyone know of a schematic of such a device, one that is capable of being a homebrew? Please let me know.

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