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ARRL mail forward problem.

Apr 8th 2022, 22:30


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OK. I'm having the same problem as the original post. Nothing is being forwarded from my NU9R@ARRL.NET account. I've checked and the forwarding e-mail address is correct. I am a member in good standing of ARRL. I've looked for this elusive "Opt-In" to edit in my profile to ensure that I am indeed opted-in. However, I can find no such button or radial to click when I edit my profile. When I've sent tests from three different accounts (.gmail, and my comcast account) they all bounced back as no such address exists.

So, what's next?

Apr 9th 2022, 09:34


Joined: Apr 22nd 2021, 06:30
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I also am having the same issues after the change. I know that ARRL staff are working to get their site fully operational but, there are glitches. I'm not even receiving ARRL's weekly messaging since the change and it's not even recognizing me with the correct call sign (previous call that's being used right now as my login even though my user has been changed and is recognizing the new call) I know that this doesn't fix our issue but, I have been communicating with ARRL staff and their reply was "All the kinks should soon be worked out (hopefully)!" and likely that's the best that can be done at this point.
Apr 11th 2022, 08:33


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