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Looking For an Old QSL Card

Jun 11th 2012, 02:39


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Hi guys, I just hope i'm putting this in the right place. This message is directed towards any hams that were in the game back in the early 60s. My father was active in 1962 - 1965 and I know he sent out a few QSL cards. I'm hoping someone out there still has one of his cards, and can live without it. Hi! His name was James H McLain WA8OCL
Middletown, Ohio. He ran mostly CW Yes I got his call when the vanity started. If any one has one of his cards, and doesn't mind letting go of it, I would be forever grateful. Thanks and 73.
Sep 14th 2012, 19:13


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i Wish you luck - I have my fathers old QSL cards from the lste 20s till he passed in 70s but no WA8OCL. It might help if you added what freqs he worked. My dad was usually on 40 meters iin the day, 80 in the morning and evening and only sent QSLs when hams wanted Nevada. I was in High School and then drafted at the time frame your father was active and didn't really get back into ham radio untill about 1968,
Jan 26th 2013, 01:28


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