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Digital QST Survey

Digital QST Survey
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Aug 29th 2013, 00:56


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Quote by 9V1DB

I understand the answer WA2CWA provided to NS5B's question concerning access to old QST if a member leaves ARRL. However, when I downloaded the most recent QST to my desktop, it still required my ID/PW in order to view it. Are you confirming that my ID/PW would continue to allow access to my old desktop versions even if I was no longer an ARRL member?


PS, I have no intention of leaving but just wanted to clarify the issue.

I didn't try it, but requiring ID info sort of makes sense to me although it means, I guess, you couldn't read them if you were off-line. I guess that would kill any non-member access. That's probably a question for someone at the ARRL that administers the digital version. In looking at the ARRL store, one can purchase a year's worth of QST and other periodicals (2011 and 2012 currently shown) on CD/DVD.

Pete, wa2cwa

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