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Changing operating category during Field Day

Jun 27th 2012, 02:25


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I did not see anything in the Field Day rules to cover this, and it isn't that important since I only participated casually, but I am curious about how this might be handled.

Saturday evening I made 7 QSOs from the home QTH with the K2 on battery at 5 watts, operating category 1E.
Sunday I went portable in a local park and made 23 QSOs operating category 1B Battery in the two hours I had.

My inclination was to submit just the 23 portable QSOs as 1B, but then if I leave off the other 7 from the supporting documentation, somebody might not get a QSO with me validated.

Is there a formal way this would be handled?

Jun 30th 2012, 10:14


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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Could you not put in two entries? One as AE5KA. As you were at your licensed address. The other as AE5KA/portable at local park. In the same way that mobile stations are allowed to work from multiple squares. I'm sure the Field Day adjudicators will reply



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