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Driving and Transmitting

Aug 2nd 2012, 21:48


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Many states outlaw cell phone use while driving. Does this apply to HAM Radio use?

Is there a need (legal need that is) for a blue-tooth hands free device to operate?
Aug 3rd 2012, 14:41


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As far as I know, Amateur Radio operation is not covered by these laws. Studies that I have read have stated that operating an Amateur radio while driving can be a distraction, it is not nearly as distracting as talking on a cell phone. That is because only one person can talk at a time via simplex or a repeater, On a cell phone, both parties can talk at once. Thus it requires more concentration to talk on a cell phone.

I would still not talk on Amateur Radio while driving in heavy traffic though...
Aug 3rd 2012, 19:01


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Recently, on an episode of Ham Nation, it was stated that the 'hands free' law in California that was supposed to have a ham radio exemption does not, in fact, have one. I believe Ontario, Canada has such a law that does apply to hams, too.

Actually, the Bluetooth idea isn't a bad one. We could use more Bluetooth adapters and headsets.

I do worry a little bit when I'm doing mobile CW what some lawyer could make out of that. I don't use it in any kind of traffic, either. But we're getting too many of these overly-broad laws based on pseudo-science or no science at all.

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