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Enforcement: Policing the Bands

Aug 3rd 2012, 12:30


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I've been hearing a lot of unlicensed AM CB-type transmissions on 29.600 in my area of NC. Of course that frequency is traditionally the FM simplex call frequency on 10 meters.

Do any of you have recommendations on the best way to educate and/or remove these unauthorized transmission from our bands? Is there a procedure to follow? Should I speak to the people on the frequency?

What are some good ideas?

N4DBR - David in Lenoir, NC
Aug 3rd 2012, 13:27


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I'm almost certain that it's illegal to communicate with them. But there's nothing wrong with using that frequency. There is a discussion about this that quotes some applicable FCC laws at,84382.0.html.

73, Mike
Aug 27th 2012, 06:16


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On 3.842 and other frequencies a certain person in NYC area is blatantly doing QRM night after night for years.
No call, foul language, tones and all kinds of audio and playing back recordings over the top of other stations.
We know who it is and he is attracting others because they hear him getting away with it.
I'm sure it has been reported many times but the greater problem now is WHY does the FCC fail to act officially.
This person needs his ticket permantly revoked, fined and not allowed to own transmitting equipment ever again.
I for one am getting discusted with amateur radio hearing this go without being addressed.
And to be advised to just turn the dial never fixes anything. It makes me even more dishartened that others would take this postion and not care.
It just allows the problem to mutiply by becoming the norm over time.
It's not a matter of catching the person but doing it.
The enforcements I read about are fine and the efforts put forth but not to even go after this long time violation absolutly evades any common sense.

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