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Reference Works Suggestions Wanted. Please!!

Sep 28th 2012, 10:43


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I'm in the process of studying for my Extra license. I'm running across a ton of things I'm having problems with. I will overcome,but it's occurred to me that if I had a reference work or two that I could go back to to help me understand terms, procedures, etc. it would help tremendously. I'm looking for something that would work for someone like me that doesn't have the long term experience that a lot of you folks have. So, I need something that's written in as plain of an English as it can be. I've seen a few, the something for Dummies series, a Mims intro to electronics book, and others. But my problem is, while I can certainly order them, I'd be shooting in the dark in the hopes of getting something that will fit the bill for me. So that's why I'd like to pick the brains of some of you folks. I'd really appreciate it if you'd point me in the direction of something that might fit my bill.

Oct 6th 2012, 20:35


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Good luck with your study for the Extra class license. What you are looking for will be hard to find. I haven't seen any books that can fill you in on years of experience. Any of the books you pick up will help to fill in the gaps. The ARRL study guide (not the question pool book) is very good in explaining the theory behind each question. The Extra class license is like the journeyman exam for an electrician or an electronics technician. Most journeyman tests require several years of experience before you can attempt to take the test. The competencies tested on the Extra test include things that you might not learn unless you have had several years of "hands-on-experience" in ham radio and electronics. There just isn't any "one" book that I know of that includes all of these things. I would suggest that the ARRL books, QST and QEX are excellent sources of information. Text books by Shrader, Kinley and Frenzel can provide you with the necessary electronic theory. And finally find an Elmer. He can provide you with those "years of experience" that you are looking for.

Oct 6th 2012, 20:49


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Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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The ARRL Handbook.

It was the reference book I used when I took the Extra exam in 1979--it is even more relevant today--now that the question pool is put together by a committee of amateur radio operators with input from other amateurs.

Zack Lau W1VT
ARRL Senior Laboratory Engineer

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