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JOTA 2012

Oct 18th 2012, 09:05


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While ARRL reports about 250 registered JOTA stations in the USA, the very small country of the Netherlands has at least that many ;-). And we're looking for scouting stations elsewhere in the world.

A few useful data points:

The German amateur radio club DARC organizes a contest during the very same weekend as JOTA, causing severe, severe interference. There are contest-free segments, so listen for us there, see

There will be some two dozen stations reachable through our IRLP-capable repeaters. Call us on IRLP node 8600, 8610, 8620. We'll also monitor reflector 9091 which seems to be set up for this.

English is not a native language for our children, but is tought at school. Our kids may need a little encouragement so they learn that their English really does work for them. Please encourage them!

If you want to get an impression of our activity. have a look at
This is in Dutch but the site works remarkably well though google translate. You'll find attendance lists and maps there. We're in the big blurry spot in the southeast on the map.


Geert Jan PE1HZG

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