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Digital QST on IPAD

Dec 17th 2012, 09:58


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I am reading QST on an 64Gb IPAD3 but find that I cannot load all the pages to enable QST to be read when I cannot access the Internet (e.g. On a plane).

Is this a settings issue, or can not a certain percentage of the QST be read at any one time?

Other than that is its a nice interface.

73 d vk5cp
Dec 18th 2012, 18:14


Joined: Oct 17th 2011, 12:35
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The app works as it should on the ARRL iPad 3, allowing offline access to the digital QST issues. I am happy to troubleshoot with you and have sent you an email for some initial questions to better assess what you are experiencing.

For answers to more questions about the digital QST, please visit: or contact us by telephone or email.

Thank you,
Magdalena, W1MGZ
ARRL Digital Content Coordinator

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