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Radiolocation News

Jul 27th 2011, 01:52


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(So, Ed, there should be a "news of the day" topic!)

Did you read the news item about the "rogue keyer" transmitter? Maybe I'm showing my age, but the story reminded me of the mystery radio signal in "On the Beach", the post-apocalyptic novel/film. (Check Wikipedia.)

This incident is interesting because apparently hams were not able to get a fix on the 18 MHz signal. Didn't anyone have a beam? Ultimately, the FCC did zero in on the poor ham, though we weren't told what tools they had to use.

It also leads me to ask how many other stations are left "live" and unsupervised out there? All it takes is a child or a wandering pussycat to key the transmitter. Bad practice, seems to me.
Jul 27th 2011, 16:46


Super Moderator

Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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Hi, Martin. Glad to see you so active on the forums. I'm having the same fun I'd have on other forums, but here. :-)

If hams run across some cool or interesting technical news, they can do a post about it on this technical discussion forum. The discussions often extend past mere news, and past just ARRL news items, so a more spread out approach is probably best.

It's hard to strike the right balance on the number of forums. Too few and it's hard to guess where to post things. Too many and it's hard to follow what you want. In general, if something is a good fit under an existing forum, as this technical news item was (HF DFing), until these forums become large and unwieldy, I am inclined to not create additonal forums to host the items that fit just fine in the existing structure.

Ed Hare, W1RFI
Technical forum moderator
Jul 28th 2011, 02:45


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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Ed, I see your point. I think I was suggesting a "talk back" forum where you could comment on the ARRL news feed. It really should be in line with the news articles, a la Huffington Post, or your favorite news site. Sometimes it would be a technical topic, but often about regs or ham operations or whatever.

73, Martin AA6E

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