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Kits for learning about components

Jan 22nd 2013, 00:11


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I'm just starting out with learning the Technician class level using the ARRL manual. I'm just starting on Chapter 3 which is all a out electricity, components and circuits. I'm the kind that needs lots of hands on to make it sink in. I have been looking for an easy kit to build, in any ham band, that I can build and actually learn about each component as I install them. I'm thinking just a receiver would be best at this point, but looking for thoughts and kit suggestions.

I started my journey when I was in my 20's leaning CW and I was up to 10 wpm and ready for my Novice test, but family issue cam along and now I'm nearly 65 and I want to finish what I started years ago.

A little background as to where I'd use such a project, in the summer I'm up in the mountains in NE Washington State, Colville to be exact and in the Winter I'm in the SE part of California, El Centro to be exact. So the terrain is from one end of the spectrum to the other. It might make a difference what kit I would be most successful with.

I'm in no big hurry to get my ticket, maybe by spring or early summer but I'd like to get my teeth into the meat of the radio. I thought it would be great to build something and then switch it on and see the results.

Suggestions, Comments?
Feb 11th 2013, 15:22


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I was looking at kits this past weekend. Ramsey Electronics has several. One is to teach soldering. One I'm looking to buy is an intermediate one to build at 2 meter receiver. Another is an active antenna. I'll buy the receiver and antenna probably this week. Both are 50 dollars each. They have several other kits.

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