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Remote control of HF Transceiver ICOM IC-7600 with IC-PW1 linear amplifier

Mar 25th 2013, 06:30


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Dear Friends,
I am Ananda Bose,VU2AMB, an Indian General class Radio Amateur and an ARRL and RSGB member for over three decades.I want to remotely operate my ICOM IC-7600 HF/50MHz transceiver with the ICOM IC-PW1 HF/50 Linear amplifier from my weekend country home.I desire to use the ICOM RAS-B1 remote control control also .I desire to control my Prosistel 71D Rotator with Optibeam OB18-6 HF ; six band HF beam remotely. I also will install a Cushcraft 5ele/5ele VHF/UHF Yagi-Uda for 2m/70cm NBFM. I also desire to use an remotely switched 80 metre band wire beam remotely.I have a 5KVA online UPS with RS-232C remote control capability with two hour battery back up .i.e twenty sealed gel batteries connected in series of minumum 12Volt voltage and 40 Ampere Hour battery capacity.
The proposed tower is professional designed by a qualified structural design engineer and is 30 metre high.In India the maximum height without any special permission is 40 metre.
I request my friends to give me some practical advice.
Bose,VU2AMB, Calcutta,India

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