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Kenwood TM733 CTCSS Tone Intermittent

May 17th 2013, 02:51


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Kenwood TM733 CTCSS Tone Intermittent
I found loose solder connections at IC-408 on the TX-RX Control Unit board. The board is located behind the front panel and behind the plastic cover behind the front panel. It is the vertical board with Mic and Data plugs and two, white ribbon cables, left of center. IC-408 is a small, three terminal IC with soldered heat sink tab, just above the screw that holds the left end of the board. I resoldered three terminals and the tab and then installed a 1/8 inch wide copper strap from ground pad on front of board to one directly behind it, on back of the board. This cured the intermittent dropouts of the CTCSS tones on transmit. WA0RLY,May11,2013

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