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Where to start with DXCC

Jul 29th 2011, 04:39


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I have about 210+ countries confirmed, enough for 20m dxcc, enough for cw dxcc, and I think something else. I've never filled out a single dxcc application and I'm wondering where do I begin? Can I do everything in one shot with a card checker? Do I start with the 100 first? I just sent several hundred cards out so maybe in the next year or so I'll be closing in on 5b dxcc. I'm guessing I should start getting applications submitted!

Once you get started / DXCC official.. is there a way to check online what you have "on record" to keep track where you are? What you need? etc? (If not.. that would be a cool idea!)
Jul 30th 2011, 07:40


Joined: Apr 4th 1998, 00:00
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Using a nearby DXCC Field Checker is an excellent way to present your cards for verification. You can find the nearest Checker to you by searching the DXCC section of the ARRL web site. There is no limit as to how many cards you may submit with your initial application. However, the basic DXCC application fee of $12.00 allows for up to 120 cards. Beyond that number there is an additional charge of $0.15 per QSO. You should also begin to use the Logbook of The World as you may link your DXCC account to your LoTW logbook. Once this is done you will be able to access your DXCC records on line through LoTW. Additionally, LoTW is an excellent way to get QSO confirmations without the necessity and expense of mailing out QSL cards and waiting for the return card. And, you can file your future DXCC endorsement applications on line through LoTW.

Good luck, Mike NA9Q

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