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2006 Taurus Wagon roof mount. (NMO)

Jul 18th 2013, 23:55


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I'm trying to avoid drilling holes other than to put the tri-band antenna on the roof. I mainly want 2 meters, but my venerable old IC T8A still works well on all 3 bands and an occasional tri-band antenna installation will be the order of the day. The problem is, where to route the cable from the roof over the interior light and get that cable stealthily to the center console area where the permanent radio will reside. (I have Icom, Kenwood, and Alinco 2 meter monobanders. Obviously, I won't be running all at the same time.)

That said, has anyone any experience they can share to let me know how to run that cable and get the good life performance a roof mount is usually good for? I"ll be running a 5/8 wave straight unloaded vertical. But running that cable is giving me fits. So unfit me. Show me how to run that there cable.

Thanks in advance.

Mar 31st 2021, 15:06


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Have you figured it out yet, Mike?
I've installed roof antennae on many vehicles over the years. If there's a dome light in the center, that would help with gaining access, though still possible if not. Remove or loosen trim over side window to feed cable over headliner, which will then follow trim to dashboard or down center post to floor. I use a holesaw bit I bought from a Motorola 2-way radio service shop for NMO mounts. Good luck!
--Ron. KA5ITO

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