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GE X13 AC Air Handler Motor

Jul 30th 2013, 00:49


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I found this advice on an eHam forum and installed the filter in my Rheem air handler. Eliminated RFI on 20 and 15, reduced on 10 but still bad on 12.
This is an article on the X13 and explains how the switching power supply is used to create an (Electronically Commutated Motor).
I used a 10 amp line filter from Corcom

Be careful with the 220 VAC!
Aug 1st 2013, 15:02


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GE developed the ECM (Electronically Commutated Motor) a number of years ago. It is a brushless high efficiency dc motor now being manufactured by the Regal-Beloit Corporation. They are now being rebranded by the Genteq Company, a division of Regal-Beloit.

For a variety of reasons, they now commonly used in HVAC systems. They can also be a source of RFI to nearby radio receivers. This document published by Regal Beloit also provides information on how to suppress RFI from an ECM motor:
Jan 28th 2016, 03:47


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The W1MG link to Mike Gruber's article has a broken link. Someone please correct this. I am planning to put in a new furnace, which has an ECM motor control.
Steve Bell KJ7OG

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