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Transmitting cuts off Bluetooth

Aug 20th 2013, 16:01


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Wondering if anyone else has run into this. When I transmit with my Icom 746 PRO, which is connected to my computer with direct connection cables (no RIGblaster), my Bluetooth keyboard and mouse quit working. Running programs seem to continue to work, but the only way to remedy the situation is to turn the computer off and reboot.

Any ideas or suggestions? I'm listening!
Aug 21st 2013, 01:45


Joined: Aug 10th 2011, 09:34
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I had a similar problem with the keyboard and mouse (both wired) cutting off during TX (using either my Kenwood TS200 or TS590S). I figured it was RFI and have now resolved it with the use of ferrite beads on the antenna coax and ferrite rings around power, speaker, keyboard wires. In my limited space my antenna is very near my radios.

73, Dan

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