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HTs with direct frequency entry

Sep 2nd 2013, 17:28


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Is there such a thing as an HT with direct frequency entry? By that I mean that you key in a frequency, and you are immediately monitoring that frequency and can transmit on its offset frequency. Every HT with which I am familiar (and I am by means an expert) requires that a frequency be programmed into a memory location, something often more easily done with software than with pushing buttons.

To me the advantage of direct frequency entry is the ability to quickly and temporarily use a repeater while travelling, or quickly shift to a mutually agreed simplex channel after making contact. But I don't know of any radios which offer this capability. Are there any?
Sep 3rd 2013, 13:49


Super Moderator

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You need to be in the VFO mode, not the memory mode, to enter in frequencies directly with the key pad. All HTs I've used and tested have a VFO mode. Check the manual on how to do it.

Some modern HTs have an "automatic offset mode", but you'll still have to manually enter in tone encoding (PL) if needed.


Bob Allison
ARRL Test Engineer
Jan 21st 2015, 01:43


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The Yaesu FT1DR will work this way. You would need to have set the proper PL tone though.

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