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RFI to Computers and Routers

Dec 27th 2013, 03:40


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I have a problem with RF getting into my computer and also resetting my router settings on the lower HF frequencies. On 40 or 75 meters this can even be a problem at 100 watts. Higher power is more of a problem. So for now, I won't use the transmitter on 40 or 75 meters unless the computer is off and the router is also turned off.

This only started having the problem when I installed a new computer and different router. The computer runs windows 7 and uses technology with very short L transistors, may be part of the problem.

Can't seem to cure the problem using toroids and etc.

Dec 28th 2013, 03:02


Joined: Aug 10th 2011, 09:34
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I had a similar problem but was able to solve it my using multiple turns on a toroid on both the high voltage and low voltage (two toroids) of the router power supply. Nothing else I tried, including enclosing the router and power supply in a metal box, helped. I finally got toroids with a large enough diameter to do the windings.

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