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2014 Hard Cover Handbook

Dec 27th 2013, 18:50


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Is anyone as disappointed with the new handbook as I am? While PDF is a decent format, what the heck happened to color? I was a little shocked to see it in black and white!
While yes I understand the cost factor here, but building a PDF and having it published is one thing, but really now it doesn't take that much more to make it in color! I thought this edition would be spectacular for the 100th anniversary of the ARRL, but that was my mistake. The articles are wonderful though, just in 2014 we could have used color even a little bit would break it up.
Maybe in the future put out a Handbook and an Antenna book through Zinio Reader, that would be nice.

Russ Abbey
Feb 6th, 13:22


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I haven't had a chance to see the new handbook yet. What I am wondering is when they will have MORE hardcover editions available?

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