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DXCC requirements unfair? NS5B on 4/8/13
Allowing foreign hams to get DXCC awards is both a nice courtesy and a way of increasing participation, in my opinion. But for American hams, it's no different (again, IMO) than having to be a Boy Scout to qualify for a Merit Badge. See my point? You can't get a diploma unless you've enrolled in the school; you have to participate. Again, just my opinion, but it seems entirely reasonable to me. 73! --ken
Free UTC desktop clock? W1VT on 4/8/11
This isn't "desktop," but you might find it worth considering. I'm doing a lot of HF from the car and wanted a UTC clock for logging--to minimize the chance of an error converting local to GMT while I'm also trying to work a station AND keep from being in an accident. :-)

I bought a Casio watch for about $23; it's digital, solar powered, and sets itself every night from WWVB. And it has "dual time zones"--which means I can have local time on a small segment of the display, and GMT (London time) in the big display. It's always accurate, won't ever need a battery, and inexpensive. I took the band off mine, and stuck it to my dashboard with a tiny bit of coax-seal. :-) I've got GMT, accurate and exact, in front of me any time I'm in the car. You could do the same thing with one of these watches and your keyboard or the edge of your monitor, if that sounds like a reasonable solution.

Good luck! --ken ac4rd
Mobile operation? AC4RD on 2/8/11
I haven't found this in the FAQ; apologies if I just missed it. Because of time limitations, most of my HF fun these days is while I'm in the car, driving to and from work. I upload QSOs to LotW, of course.

I've been wondering if I should create another account for my callsign/M, for mobile contacts.

Is it likely that, when I submit QSOs to LotW, I'm missing matches because the other stations are reporting my call as AC4RD/M instead of just AC4RD? Is there a way to tell if this is happening?

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