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Hybrid DXCC Applications (Paper QSLs and LOTW) Oct 5th 2015, 21:16 5 7,783 on 11/1/16

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Hybrid DXCC Applications (Paper QSLs and LOTW) N9XG on 5/10/15
I have to believe that this must be the case for many people, trying to achieve DXCC.

I have countries confirmed on LOTW for which I do not have paper QSL cards.


I have paper QSL cards for countries that I do not have confirmed on LOTW. The total confirmation count is over 100.

The wording in the LOTW FAQ specifically forbids the combining of the two sets, into a hybrid application.

In the same vein, neither can I submit a DXCC application with cards, and refer to a LOTW credit(s).

Am I misunderstanding something, or am I effectively being locked out of DXCC, because I do not have all my credits on one system?

I find it hard to believe that I cannot apply for DXCC simply because I have (1)one confirmation on LOTW, and 99 valid QSL cards.
Since I am significantly more likely to receive a paper QSL card direct, than getting a confirmation on LOTW, I begin to ask myself why I am spending time with LOTW at all.

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