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QST Digital Edition KM4VX on 19/6/12
I appreciate the digital edition but I don't like the software. I have it downloaded, quite slow but not too bad considering the size, but I can't seem to access the content without an active internet connection. I take it this to to prevent copying but it is not much help when on the road. There must be a better way to implement copy protection.

I should note my solution to this. Once you have the digital edition loaded you can print it, for your own use only. It is not necessary to print on to paper. It can be printed to XPS or PDF with a suitable printer driver. The PDF came out at 36Mb but the resolution is poor compared to the original and all the indexing is lost. While the PDF is not ideal but it does mean I can look at it on my smartphone or ebook reader.

I fear though that printing will be disabled from August because clearly it overcomes the copy protection.

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