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Missing LoTW confirmations Apr 6th 2015, 15:00 12 6,455 on 10/4/15

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Missing LoTW confirmations K4WA on 10/4/15
Thanks. Want to confirm it one way or another. It's a new phone contact for me.
Missing LoTW confirmations K4WA on 9/4/15
Well, my 2015 PJ7AA QSLs just showed up, too. Cool. I do have a confirmation (card) for KP5 operation that had the other QSOS confirmed on LOTW, but not that one. Wonder if I should resubmit that one?
Missing LoTW confirmations K4WA on 6/4/15
I get it for 9Q0HQ now. Apparently, they're posting the whole log after 6 months. Prior to that, you can pay for expedited LoTW posting. When I checked and saw that PJ7AA had uploaded data as of 4/02/15, I assumed that was log from his 2015 op. Perhaps that was a bad assumption, but his prior upload was 3/16/14 or so, which I assumed was the entire log from 2014. New to LoTW, so I'm still figuring out how it works.
Missing LoTW confirmations K4WA on 6/4/15
I did not use their online QSL service. Didn't realize an additional step was required for their LoTW confirmation. Perhaps PJ7AA has the same process?
Missing LoTW confirmations K4WA on 6/4/15
Thanks, but I didn't get the dates or the times wrong. All six of my K1N, PJ7/WJ2O, five Z81X and many other multiple contacts all showed up perfectly. I use DXBase, and automatically log the contact as soon as I make it, double-checking to insure it's right. I verified my six PJ7AA contacts with Clublog; they were all right date, right time, in various modes, but none confirmed in LoTW. While 9Q0HQ is not in Clublog, I've seen that they've been confirmed by others in LoTW, yet none of my four QSOs, in various modes, were confirmed. I sense there's another issue here, I just don't know what it is. I will bet you that I can confirm them through the other services, and all my various QSOs will be correct date, and within a couple minutes in time.

Steve K4WA

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