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Two mistakes in General Q&A booklet Mar 10th 2012, 19:59 5 6,530 on 12/3/12

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Two mistakes in General Q&A booklet KE6MDN on 12/3/12
Hello Zack: You are right, I became confused when studying the issue since two different circuits are included in the discussion. Thanks, now I am at peace with answer D.
Two mistakes in General Q&A booklet KE6MDN on 12/3/12
Hello Zack: It appears that the link you gave me is for posting corrections to the study guide, not to the General Q&A booklet, so I am not sure if you are suggesting that I should find a way to correct the booklet or the ARRL will do that.
On the G7A03, I was not clear in my description of the error. The booklet does indeed lists (D) as the correct answer, but it should be (C). If you read the explanation text and/or do a bit of thinking, you will see that (D) is wrong and (C) is right. Thanks for your attention.
Jorge Llacer, KE6MDN/AG
Two mistakes in General Q&A booklet KE6MDN on 10/3/12
There are two mistakes in the Fourth Edition of the General Class Q&A booklet:

1) In the answer to question G5B12, the argument of the square root should be 1200 x 50, not 1200/50. Then answer B is correct.

2) in G7A03, it is indicated that the correct answer is D). The explanation of the issue is correct and it should point to answer C).

Thanks for your attention.


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